Monday, July 26, 2010

Hood Celebrity Softball Tournament

So yesterday the Ridin Durty team was scheduled to play in the Hood Celebrity Softball Tournament @ Welcome All Park in College Park. Well my morning started off a lil frustrating to say the least. I began making my calls to round up my team. After making four phone calls , two of my players had bailed out on me. So I made a few more calls to try to find some replacements. NO LUCK!! I was at the point of saying F it. But I said to myself..."Why wouldnt I go? Even if my whole team doesn't show I can still network & see some good people play." So my son & I filled the cooler full of ice and bottled water and headed to College Park.
While in route I had two more people bail, so I was now down to me & five other players & you need nine to play. But I was determined not to let that stop us from having a good time. I called a few more people and still couldn't come up with any more players. I thought to myself this is gonna be really interesting.
So we arrive at Welcome All Park & found our field. Immediately I'm welcomed by the one and only Magnem P.I. & then X Squad Dj CEO Damel. After making the rounds and meeting some new people my first player to arrive was Soul-O. I received a phone call that my other team mates were in route but running late. I relayed my situation to DJ Trapper John and he was nice enough to change our game time as to allow us to have all our players there and to round up a few more. After talking to some people I had aquired three more players. So now we're up to five players including me. Now I won't lie I really had just planned on being the team captain/coach. But at this point I figured I gotta play. Next to arrive was Nino Deloach, Black & SK. So all we needed was one more and we had our team. Funny how things just seem to work themselves out.... I looked around and there was KamKutta and Kavid and they said in unison "I'll Play!!!" So by that time the other game was winding to a close.
Being our team was a mixture of people from all different companies we rightfully changed the name to the "Ridin Durty Magnem PI X Squad" and we were ready to play some softball.
Or atleast we thought we were..... We were up against DJ Ace and The South TopDawg DJ's team. Now DJ Ace had that "by any means necessary" mentality when putting his team together. LOL! When I asked about his team and where he had gotten all his players he had no problems telling me that most of them were minor league ATLANTA BRAVES players.
We weren't discouraged. We got out there and gave it our all. I played third base and even made an out. Of course Nino , Magnem and Damel argued every call the umpire made.
And at the end of the game the score was like 2-21 and we weren't the winners. But we all had a great time, we played a great game , got to hear some good music & met some new people that we wouldnt have been able to if I would have just stayed at home.
I challenged DJ Ace to a rematch in a month & he accepted. So I will keep you posted on that.
I wanna thank everyone who came out and played with team "Ridin Durty Magnem PI X Squad"
In my eyes you are all SUPER STARS.

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